Can the cause of stress be prevented?

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Can the cause of stress be prevented?

Meditation and is a great stress reliever. But will you meditate every time something doesn’t go according to plan? Here I am no.

This could be the end of the story about meditation, but the effect of the vigilance decrement has one more feature, noticed by D. Broadbent – not so much attention decreases, but its resistance to react increases.

Meditation and the vigilance decrement increase resistance to reacting to new stress.
For example, if someone was rude, a person trained in meditation is more likely to have a “window” with a choice: to be rude in response or to wish health and longevity.

The point is not what exactly to choose, but that there is a choice, otherwise a person is ignited like a match for any irritant.

Either you choose, or the choice will be made by your boss or the salesperson at the checkout.

The skill of noticing is called awareness and is developed through meditation. In meditation, you notice that you are distracted and return to the object. It is the same in life: if you notice that now you will be carried to the wrong place, then half the battle is done. It remains only to make the right choice.

See if you can notice and purposefully reverse your train of thought when things go wrong. If you often regret actions in the heat of the moment, then you should think about increasing awareness through meditation.