Go to school with pleasure

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Go to school with pleasure

How to properly set up a child to study and cogat test grade 1? Can the 1st of September be made a holiday? How important is it to choose a hobby for a student? Does it make sense to follow the regime?

Over the summer, the child managed to forget a lot of what he learned in the previous grade. Do your best, and children will perceive the beginning of the school year as a holiday.

The first of September seems to be a celebration for everyone, except for the students themselves. It is clear that no one wants to sit down at their desks after a long vacation. It is quite natural that the first weeks will be difficult – you will have to get used to the regime, getting up early, homework, and remembering the program. Much has been forgotten during the holidays. Unsurprisingly, the grades are much lower than the parents would like. But it’s in your power to awaken your toddler’s interest in learning, help him get ready for school, and help him cope with the stress of the early days.

It is obvious that the child managed to have a good rest over the summer. Sit with him and try to remember all the highlights and how many pounds in a ton. What did he learn during the holidays? What’s new you saw? What struck you the most? All this will help to systematize the impressions received in the summer. And it will be much easier to tell your classmates about them.

It is clear that having had a good rest in the summer, now you can work. But this is not the main thing. Take a photo album from the last school year, view pictures from different holidays. Let the kid remember how fun it was, and imagine that good things are yet to come.

Stories from the childhood of parents.
The personal experience of mom and dad plays an important role in how a child perceives school. Try to remember some funny stories from your childhood. In comparison, all the advantages of the past and the present can be emphasized. For example, abstracts are now downloaded from the Internet, rather than sitting for hours in the library. And foreign languages ​​are taught from the first grade, and by the end of school, children are already fluent in them. This will help the child understand that an unusually exciting period is starting in his life now.

This is an extremely important moment that your student is looking forward to, but also with some apprehension. Much has changed over the summer, everyone has grown up, but at the same time, everyone has something to tell their comrades.

You can arrange a small party, both within the walls of the school, and at the home of one of the children. To do this, first agree with the parents, think over the program, organize interesting contests. Your child will surely remember the first of September for a long time.

New knowledge.

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Children get new subjects as they move to high school. So far, the student only roughly imagines what chemistry, algebra, geometry, duly noted or history are. He must be intimidated by a complex program. Moreover, each teacher considers it his duty to warn about how important his particular subject is. The task of the parents is to form the child’s interest in new knowledge. To do this, even before September 1, review the tutorials together. Tell that the knowledge gained in the lessons will definitely be useful in adult life, give examples. Also browse additional literature – an atlas of geography, a collection of problems, or a reader. Do your best to keep the kids fun to learn.

In the first days it will be especially difficult. Agree that the child will go to bed on time, no later than ten o’clock in the evening. Returning from school, let him rest, he does not immediately sit down for lessons. It is useful for a junior student to sleep in the afternoon, play a little and take a walk. Do not allow using gadgets – it may well drag on until late at night.

Let the rested schoolchild take up homework. The child must do the homework himself, but can consult with the parents. Do not think that if your son or daughter is in high school or middle school, they will completely do without your help. Say that you are always ready to help.

It’s good when children have any hobbies – circles, sections, pets. It is ideal to send a student to sports. This not only hardens, accelerates physical development, but also allows you to get rid of complexes, become more confident. The choice is huge: swimming, martial arts, tennis, athletics, football, volleyball, basketball. Dances are suitable for both girls and boys – ballroom, folk, sports. This is an excellent prevention of scoliosis.

Keep in mind that the extracurricular workload should not be excessive, especially for preschoolers and first graders. Do not overload, let the child choose his hobbies for himself. Then life will be filled with vivid impressions and positive emotions. And you will make sure that he has enough time for study, sports, games and walks with friends.