How do I write a film review?

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How do I write a film review?

Writing film reviews is a good way to make some money online. Such content is needed by thematic sites, various media, and you can also start your own blog or a movie site to build there deployed passengers with an author’s opinion on films.

How do I write a film review
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Cinema today, however, is so ruined that the review of most films will fit in a couple of words of matter, but let’s not talk about sad. Let’s better learn how to write film reviews!
Mandatory elements of the film review:

  • film genre;
  • the name of the director, producer, scriptwriter and other authors if their names are very famous or important;
  • the names of the main actors and characters in their performance;
  • the title of the literary work and the author, if it is a film adaptation;
  • a short annotation or summary of the plot tie;
  • additional information that may be useful for a better understanding of the film, the storyline and/or the place of the picture in the history of cinematography.
How do I write a film review
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A review is different from a review without subjective opinion and personal evaluation. By claiming something, a film critic must argue his position. Phrases like “I’m a bit bored with the film” are not worthy of a reviewer. But you can write: “In the middle of the story the tape loses its dynamics, the scenes look tight, and the dialogues are excessively inflated at the expense of logic. In short, the review is more objective and meaningful than the review. So write more signs! At least a couple of thousand, or better than a thousand five (or about a thousand words).

Tips for a novice film critic:

  • Review media reviews and blogs. Choose the most sparkling and exciting. Try to surpass them.
  • Write a review of your favorite movie and a movie you didn’t like.
  • Review the movie you selected for review several times and write without taking your eyes off the review. Specify all the details: the nuances of acting, camera work, details of costumes and makeup, soundtrack.
  • The film review is demanding for the titles. It’s as important here as the name of the film.
How do I write a film review
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Think about the text structure. It is not necessary to write a film genre and number of soundtracks at the beginning of the review. It is much more effective in the first paragraph to form in the head of the reader the atmosphere of the film. Time of action, the era, the plot, a certain paradox of the script or an interesting case on the set will be suitable for the introduction of a much better than the banal “On the screens came out another blockbuster …”.
Fabula (plot) of the film is set out briefly, without spoilers. Or you should be warned that you’re going to reveal some of the storylines.

When talking about a scenario, you should study it:

  • the logic and sequence of events;
  • the completeness of the scenes;
  • the brightness of the culmination;
  • the characters and their development;
  • dialogs.

In assessing the director’s work, we note:

  • how well the plans have been chosen;
  • if the scenes aren’t falling apart, if they’re well connected;
  • the way actors play.

Talking about the atmosphere of the film, we estimate:

  • the beauty and harmony of the plans;
  • visual range;
  • the manner of shooting;
  • sound design and soundtrack;
  • makeup, special effects, costumes.
How do I write a film review
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Otherwise, writing a film review is no different from writing an ordinary article. The main thing is to be interesting to read! Just remember that a film review is more than just a text. It is a full-fledged genre of journalism and critics, and film critics are respected as much as producers (but less than actors and directors). The birth of the genre took place in 1907, when Variety Film Reviews magazine appeared.