How to instill in your child a desire to learn

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How to instill in your child a desire to learn

Nothing new has come up in the world. This is especially true for relationships with children and Parents basically repeat the same pattern of behavior that was inherent in their parents. And woe to those children whose father or mother at one time did not live normally at some stage, some problems inherent in age passed by them, because unconsciously their children can also suffer.

Many parents worry that their children are reluctant to learn. But they themselves do not notice that by helping in their studies, they do a lot for them.

Doing math tasks for him, coloring contour maps, collecting a portfolio, caring parents justify their actions by saying that they want their child to succeed in school and have a successful career. To some extent they are right. The more hard work children put into the learning process, the more likely they are to enter a higher educational institution and make an excellent career in the future. But do not forget about one more side of the coin: during the years of study, many skills and abilities are acquired that will be useful in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife and will last for a lifetime.

If at home everything seems so easy – dad solved the problem, mom wrote an essay and, then at school everything is completely different. Because the child, being in the classroom, does not know how to cope with many decisions, he experiences fear, and stress becomes his eternal companion at school. Gradually, he begins to hate studying, and his parents, the culprits of this state, will begin to punish him. So it turns out that it is possible to discourage learning from great love for life.

Teacher helping students with puzzle in classroom

Naturally, when the last exams are passed and the doors of the school are closed for the teenager for the last time, he will try never to return to such a complex and problematic issue as studying. That is why when parents try to help their children by solving the next problem, it is better not to do this. It is much more effective for the whole family to try to delve into the science of mathematics so that the child can understand it, and not thoughtlessly rewrite the next answer.

You should never criticize your own child if something does not work out for him. In such cases, it would be good to remember your childhood, when many things were not clear, and the same tasks from the textbook seemed completely unsolvable. And if the parents did not explain, but scolded and ridiculed – do not repeat these same methods on your children.

Nevertheless, the school curriculum is designed for all schoolchildren, so anyone can cope with it, only some parents should moderate their ambitions, without requiring the child to achieve some exorbitant results, which the parents of children who have now grown up and also become parents were waiting for .