How to learn the shsat schools curriculum quickly and interestingly

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How to learn the shsat schools curriculum quickly and interestingly

How to learn the shsat schools curriculum quickly and interestingly

Are you satisfied with the quality of your child’s education at school? Are you satisfied with the level of education that your child is receiving at school?

If not, then this article is for you.

At one time we also could not find a suitable school for our children, so we decided to create our own school.

Especially one of the founders of the school, Renata Kirilina, had an experience as a headmaster at a public school. Check out the article shsat schools.

The purpose with which we created the “Express School of Effective Learning” is to give children the opportunity to learn from the best teachers who are interested in the results of students, living anywhere in the world.

We look for the best teachers we can reach, combine their knowledge with effective learning techniques and record video lessons with them.

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The project also helps parents who do not have the opportunity to hire tutors for their children to explain the material to the child themselves.

The project helps children to understand the topic if they did not understand it in class.

At the moment the school has already recorded lessons in all subjects from 1st to 5th grade, and almost all subjects from 1st to 9th grade.

Now there is an active recording of lessons on the subjects of the school from 6th to 11th grade.

The project started working in June 2018 in the testing mode. Now it already has students who study subjects in Express School as additional education or completely replace school.

Yesterday we talked to Sanaa about the possibility of withdrawing from part-time full-time to full-time family education. The timing of the experiment and the specifics of the experiment were not discussed with him.

I proposed to include Sasha training “The world around the 4th grade for 1 day”, because at school we have a 50/50 “Environment” (full-time/part-time) and I have not worked with him yet (only 1 part of the textbook was passed). Of course, at the beginning of the year I looked through the content of all the textbooks with the “look of the eagle” and I realize that we will have no problems with the second part of the textbook.

How to learn the shsat schools curriculum quickly and interestingly

As a result, Sanya hangs in the training before lunch. Only now I decided to take a short break, and then continue. Let’s see how the experiment will go and whether it will be possible to implement the perspective that we talked about yesterday while discussing the experiment.

Tatiana Kazakova-Udaltsova.

Now the primary school is completely ready and practically recorded lessons of an average link. Full work of the high school will begin from January 1, 2020 (when will be recorded training in all subjects of the school program 9-11 grades).

As of September 1, support from teachers and answers to questions during the training will be available.

In the future, the school plans to add preparation of children for the JEG, USE, EPR and entrance to the leading Russian and world universities.

Our main difference is the effective learning techniques that we use to explain the material. And obtaining the necessary knowledge in the “Express School happens” is interesting and fast.

Detailed study of training materials by our experts allows us to convey the material in a simple and clear form to students and get the best training results. Free gre online practice tests to test knowledge.