How to make reading effective?

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How to make reading effective?

The benefits of reading are known to all. The more we read, the more we increase our vocabulary, erudition, writing skills and ability to speak correctly. And there’s no limit to perfection. One Habit a Week will give you tips on how to read more effectively.

How to make reading effective

Just 30 years ago, reading books was one of the most common leisure activities. Nowadays, books are increasingly being replaced by electronic devices. If you compare reading to other sources of information, especially television, it is far superior to them because it “includes” several important departments of the human brain, requiring greater use of our thinking potential. Reading makes us smarter and supports our mind even as we grow older, helping us to fight, for example, natural memory impairment.

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Set a goal to read a certain number of books in a certain period of time. For example, two books per month or twenty-four per year. Whatever your goal in quantitative terms, it must be realistic so that you do not lose the joy of reading. You should want to read, not be afraid to read. You can create a personal growth diary and keep a record of every book and thought that you have read. Keeping records will give you the feeling of being finished reading.

How to make reading effective

Plan your reading time correctly

Determine the most appropriate part of the day when you can devote at least 20 minutes to reading. The more time you can devote to reading, the better for you. Reading before bed usually relieves the stress of the day and helps to relieve nervousness.

Some people like to read during breakfast or lunch, while others like to read while travelling on public transport. For reading, choose those moments when you are least likely to be distracted by something.

Keep your books close.

How to make reading effective

To develop the habit of constant reading, you should always keep the books close to you. Carry them in your bag or briefcase. Keep them in the car. If you have 5-10 minutes of free time (at least in the doctor’s office), you can dedicate it to reading. Quite often in such situations, an e-book or a corresponding application on your smartphone helps.

Develop your literary tastes

If you read only business literature, then get acquainted with the novelties of the fiction genre. Not only will you get acquainted with new ideas, information and literary styles, but you may also find new interests for yourself.

Also study other people’s literary habits. This will give you ideas for more productive reading and help you find interesting books.

How to make reading effective

Join a book club

Why don’t you join a book club or create your own? Being a member of the club will allow you to develop intellectually, as you will participate in its meetings to discuss interesting and unfamiliar works. This will be an additional motivation for you to read effectively.