If your child is a first grader: tips for parents

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If your child is a first grader: tips for parents

Be sure to follow the daily routine and read prime numbers list. A well-rested child reacts more calmly to difficulties, feels more confident and makes the right decisions faster.

Preschool children doing activities.

In the first class, it is advisable to keep daytime sleep. It will not be as long as it was in kindergarten. But if the baby is very tired, let him sleep for an hour after returning from school.

It will be more interesting for a first grader to stick to this routine if he, together with his mom or dad, thinks over the daily routine and draws up a colorful poster. Fix on it what it is important for the student to do now and how best to do it. Be sure to leave time for games and favorite cartoons. The child should gain an understanding that school is not bondage, but a productive part of life.

Properly organize the workplace of a first grader with middle school science fair projects. How to do this, you can read here.

If before school the child did not attend circles and sections where he had already mastered, then in the first grade you should not arrange unnecessary stress. The main task of the first grader is to adapt to school life. Everything else is secondary. When he goes to an art school or a section where he already has a well-known mentor, friends, familiar workloads, then additional education will fit into a new stage. But if a first-grader, getting used to the teacher, classmates, lessons and discipline, will also have to join extracurricular activities outside of school, then the fragile child’s psyche may not be able to withstand such a burden. Do not risk the psycho-emotional state of the child!