Leaning towards the legs

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Leaning towards the legs

This yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-awesome-birthday-party-ideas-for-4-year-old pose eliminates stoop and curvature of the spine, tightens the hips and buttocks, and reduces the amount of fat deposits on the abdomen.

Execution technique

We sit on the buttocks, straighten the legs. Pull the toes towards you.
We take our hands on the shins or knees – where the hands reach with a straight back.
Helping ourselves with our hands, we stretch our back forward and up, lengthening the spine.
We relax the back and lower the body to the legs. The stomach should lie on the legs first, and not the chest. We stretch forward.
We linger in this position for a few seconds.

Before doing the exercise, you can slide your heels forward on the floor to pull your glute muscles back a little.
Relax your breathing while maintaining tension in your legs. Observe that your arms are not tense, this will teach you mindfulness and awareness, the ability to tense some muscles while relaxing others.
For better extension of the spine and the opening of the lower energy center, strive to turn your hips inward while pulling your buttocks apart, pointing your sacrum and coccyx backward and upward.