Major Obstacles Faced by Learners of Meditation

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Major Obstacles Faced by Learners of Meditation

Obstacle one: no time to

It is often difficult to find time to practice. But in fact, meditation is a great time saver. Just 10 minutes in the morning will make you much more focused and your actions more efficient thanks to your attention management skills. A calm mind helps you make the right decisions and not waste time on useless anxiety and worry. Meditation does not waste time, but gives it.

10 minutes before bed will only improve sleep. And you won’t lose anything. You can also set your alarm 10 minutes early and meditate in the morning. This will make your day more productive.

Obstacle two: drowsiness

Feeling sleepy is also normal for meditation practice. At first, the mind may confuse “sitting and doing nothing” with relaxing before bed. In the end, you will understand the difference between relaxed concentration and complete relaxation (a side effect of meditation).

Based on my experience, I can give three tips for overcoming this obstacle:

Meditate sitting with a straight back, not lying down
Meditate in the morning when you are rested and feeling refreshed
Ventilate the room so that there is plenty of fresh air
Obstacle Three: Lots of Distractions

Many beginners believe that during meditation there should be silence around, like in a library. This belief leads to the fact that every extra sound is annoying and perceived as something that should not be.

It is important to understand that you do not have to sit in complete silence to learn how to meditate. You just have to be aware of the present moment for what it is, with all the accompanying sounds, noisy neighbors, screaming kids in the street, and passing trucks.

Instead of resisting these sounds, let them come and go without resistance.