Mastering exciting experiments for children

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Mastering exciting experiments for children

Not all parents know that fascinating experiments for children, demonstrating spectacular physical phenomena and chemical reactions, can be easily performed at home: everything you need to become a real magician in the eyes of your child can be found in any kitchen! They are great for relaxing after studying english cognates.

Our selection of entertaining tricks will help you in this matter, but don’t forget: all science experiments for kids must be explained in detail and clearly, because their main goal is to help them learn about the world around them.

7 fascinating experiments for children in the “how to do?” series
How to Tame a Lick (flashback to the cult movie “Ghostbusters”)
Products and materials:

potato tuber
Preparation and handling: Grind potatoes and pour hot water for 10-15 minutes, then drain through a sieve to precipitate the starch, leaving only the starch in the bowl, decanting water (you can color it for clarity)

After a couple of days, add tonic to the dried starch and make the “dough” – a substance that can maintain consistency in your hands, but instantly falling apart if you stop kneading it. Light it with an ultraviolet lamp!

The effect: The first step is a non-Newtonian fluid which can become solid and fluid again.

Because of the quinine in the tonic, the “dough” begins to glow – and it’s just magical!

How to become a superpower (our hero is Magneto the Metal Manager)
Products and materials:

laser printer toner (50 ml)
a lot of tissues for cleaning after the experiment sunflower oil
Preparation and handling: Pour the toner into a container, add oil (2 tablespoons), mix well – you have made a liquid that can respond to the magnet.

Effect: Place the magnet to the container – and watch the liquid “crawl” along the wall. You can also place the magic toner drop on the board, and let your child control it by moving the magnet under the board. After that, you can move on to the study of printable touch math numbers.

How to make a cow out of milk (making liquid solid without freezing is a miracle!)
Products and materials:

vinegar (tbsp)
milk (1 cup)
food coloring
Preparation and execution: Add the vinegar to the hot, but not boiling milk and stir vigorously, watching the release of casein protein

Stir vigorously, watching the casein protein release. Strain the resulting thick white clots, drain them, knead them and add the coloring agent.

Effect: Put the mass in a prepared mold or let the child sculpt the “cow” himself – and in 1-2 days you will have a very strong ready-made hypoallergenic figurine.

Today it’s just fun experiments for kids – but before the 1930s, that’s how buttons, other fittings and jewelry were made!