Math homework reminder

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Math homework reminder

Read a and textbook, a paragraph that describes the topic being studied, even if the topic is not new.
Learn the rules, definitions in this paragraph in bold or in the box.
Look at the class work in the workbook: what topic was studied, what tasks were performed, look at the algorithms for completing tasks.
Repeat the rules and definitions from the notebook (since the teacher can already simplify the rules and algorithms given in the textbook, show their most rational use, etc.).
Do oral homework.
Execute written home buildings.
Repeat  and the definitions of concepts, algorithms and rules without a textbook or notebook.
As you can see from the memo, the student should be able to work well with the textbook: textbook, reference book, dictionary or electronic media containing information on the topic. In modern society, distance learning is increasingly in demand. And here the student is left alone with the textbook, the manual. Self-study of

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mathematical material from a textbook is a difficult task. It depends, first of all, on the presentation of the material in the textbook. The peculiarities of mathematics textbooks include: a peculiar language of mathematics, abstractness of the theory, conciseness and brevity of presentation (one of the main problems of a modern textbook), widespread use of symbolism, the predominance of the deductive method of presenting information, close connection of the text with illustrations and drawings. It should be noted that in the texts of mathematics textbooks there are so-called “gaps in the text” – these are references to already known material, formulas or theorems. Students are not always able to restore these “text gaps” on their own. Due to the above features of a mathematical text, independent reading leads to a misunderstanding of what is read, especially the inability to apply the acquired knowledge in non-standard situations.

For effective self-study of mathematics, we offer reminders for working with paragraphs of a student of mathematics, algebra and geometry.