Sadhu boards. How to stand on nails?

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Sadhu boards. How to stand on nails?

The board for the practice of nailing is called the Sadhu. Outwardly, this process looks simple – no special skills are needed, it is enough to stand on the board with both feet. Nail therapy and is often done with a guide, a person who helps you position yourself correctly on the board and provides emotional support. You can try to stand on nails and independently, using a support. However, the presence of a conductor not only facilitates the process itself, but also allows you to “hold out” longer.

Before practice, experienced yogis recommend doing a little warm-up for the feet – for example, stretch them with a massage or roll balls for the MFR. Such preparation will relieve tension and remove spasms, which will facilitate the process of standing on the Sadhu.

What is the meaning of nailing?

The therapeutic effect of the Sadhu is manifested through the observation of sensations. Passing the path from acute pain to relaxation, a person gets rid of blocks on the bodily and emotional levels. Figuratively speaking, this is the process of kindling a fire that destroys everything unnecessary and fills us with pure life energy.