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The Interpersonal Learner

The main objectives of the Department are the establishment and development of international relations and international cooperation of the University in scientific, educational and other fields through the implementation of organizational measures to search for foreign partners, foreign sources of funding for scientific and educational activities of the University, creating the basis for cooperation with foreign citizens, educational institutions, scientific institutions, organizations, funds, organizational support of training of specialists for foreigners.

Functions of the department for work with international organizations and foreign partners

  • development of the concept of international activity of the university, its advertising and control over implementation, study and generalization of experience of international cooperation of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and CIS countries, providing recommendations to the Rector and Academic Council on priority directions of development and improvement of the university in the sphere of international activity;
  • cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MES), participation in activities of MES, monitoring of started and perspective projects and programs of international cooperation which are realized in Ukraine and abroad, analysis of conditions and possibility of participation in them of the university and its structural subdivisions;
  • advertising both of the University and its international activities, participation in exhibitions and conferences, support of information multilingual web-site;
  • Expansion of contacts with international organizations and partners, analysis of proposals of potential partners (or structural subdivisions of the University) regarding the directions of cooperation of the University with foreign universities, scientific institutions, organizations and provision of information about the conditions of cooperation and its possible consequences to the rector;
  • providing and carrying out protocol and other functions, stipulated by the regulations and normative requirements for the admission of the delegations arriving at the University, and preparation of the official visits of the DIU delegations abroad.
  • Creation and maintenance of the information base of projects and programs of international cooperation and the system of informing the structural subdivisions of the University about the possibility of participation in projects and programs and the procedure of their implementation (creation of the information web-site of the NSU on the issues of international activity, publication of information bulletins, creation of information stands, etc.);
  • methodical and technical support of the procedure of registration of agreements on international cooperation of the university in the field of education, scientific and technical cooperation, as well as applications and necessary documents for university participation in international programs and projects, carrying out organizational activities related to their implementation, registration of reports, etc.;
  • organization and holding of meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc. on the international activities of the University, implementation of international agreements, projects and programs;
  • monitoring of implementation of international agreements, projects and programs in the University, quarterly informing the Rector and Academic Council about the results;
  • methodical and technical assistance in organization and holding of meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc., stipulated by the conditions of implementation of agreements of the University with foreign higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and organizations in the field of education, scientific and technical cooperation;
  • assistance to university staff in preparation of documents for registration and organization of foreign business trips;
  • preparation of draft orders and other documents, stipulated by the normative requirements of foreign business trips of the staff for participation in conferences, symposiums, etc.;
  • control over observance of terms of foreign business trips of employees, accounting and generalization of reporting materials;
  • analysis and generalization of annual reports of structural subdivisions of the University on fulfillment of international agreements by them, monitoring of projects and programs fulfillment, creation and support of corresponding information base;
  • preparation of accounting and publicistic materials about university activity in the field of international cooperation;
  • maintenance of contacts with professional associations and foundations in educational sphere;
  • ensuring and monitoring the implementation of the decisions of the Coordinating Council.

In the field of international cooperation:

  • Establishing contacts with domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals, representatives of educational institutions of foreign countries for the purpose of organizational and legal support of foreigners wishing to obtain higher education in the DNA

Department of Training for Foreign Countries and Academic Exchange

The training of foreign students at Dnipropetrovsk State University began in 1989.

In August 1989 the Dean’s Office for work with foreign students began to function at the University, and since September 1, 1989 the first foreign citizens from Mali, Zimbabwe, Peru, Czechoslovakia and Laos arrived to study at the Dnipropetrovsk State University.

Today in the structure of the Dnipropetrovsk National University there is a department for training specialists for foreign countries and academic exchanges, which was created on the basis of the dean’s office for work with foreign students in 2007. During the whole period of activity of the Dean’s office for work with foreign students and then the department for training specialists for foreign countries and academic exchanges, 2700 foreign students from 53 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin and North America received higher education, 38 postgraduate foreign students received diplomas of candidates of science, 220 foreign students were trained at the Dnipropetrovsk National University named after O.Gonchar.

Admission of foreign citizens to study at the DIU named after O.Gonchar is carried out on the basis of: the international agreement of Ukraine with other states; the agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science with the ministries of education of other states; contracts between DIU named after O.Gonchar and organizations, firms and individuals. Foreign citizens arriving at the Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk State University begin their education at the preparatory department for foreign citizens, which was founded in 1991 and has been successfully operating to this day. At the stage of pre-university training at the preparatory department the main goal is to form knowledge, skills and abilities to the extent that provides further successful education of foreign students in higher educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as creating all necessary conditions for the rapid adaptation of foreigners in the new socio-cultural environment. It provides pre-university training for students in the following areas: engineering, economics, health and biology, and humanities.

Subjects studied in the preparatory department: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, basics of computer science and computer engineering, drawing, country studies, basics of economic knowledge, history of Ukraine, biology, basics of Ukrainian and foreign literature, economic and social geography.

The teaching staff of the preparatory department is fully staffed with qualified personnel. Language training of foreigners is provided by the Department of linguistic training of foreigners, which consists of 1 professor and 9 associate professors. Professional disciplines are taught by the best teachers of the basic faculties of the DIU named after O.Gonchar. Among them 2 professors, 3 associate professors and 3 senior lecturers.