Why do parents scream

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Why do parents scream

Imagine: a mother is walking with her child on the street, he runs after the ball and approaches a busy intersection. Mom yells: “Careful, car!”. At this moment, she does not have the opportunity to somehow otherwise attract the attention of the child in order to protect her from a potential threat.

Such situations are almost the only reason to raise your voice to the child. In other cases, you can get by with a normal tone of communication and some educational techniques and https://argoprep.com/blog/divergent-thinking-in-the-classroom-an-overview/. But why do parents ignore them and keep yelling at their children:

They are unable to clearly explain their request. The most common misconception is that the child simply does not understand differently. Parents are firmly convinced that until you shout, their child will not do what is required of him. In fact, it is not the child who does not understand, but adults cannot explain it so that he understands. Or they do not have the patience to explain in detail and give the baby enough time for deliberate action.

Duplicate hysterics. When a child puts on another “performance” in public, yells, cries, demands something, the parents gradually adjust to the emotional background set by him and also begin to scream. It seems to them that only by shouting over the crumbs, you can make him calm down. But in fact, they do even worse – a double tantrum brings double stress.

They try to spur, speed up the child. Yes, screaming can not only frighten the little man, but also make him move faster. Will these actions and https://argoprep.com/blog/what-is-digital-literacy-and-why-does-it-matter/ be effective? Most likely, being under stress, the baby will not even remember what and how he did. And he will make many mistakes, which will provoke a new portion of screams from his parents.

Punish. When she yells at her bully or klutz for breaking a vase, mom thinks she scared him so it won’t happen again. However, she missed something important: at the moment of crying, children do not absorb information at all. You can shout extremely correct words and arguments, but they will not reach the addressee, whose only desire is for mom to calm down as soon as possible.

Sublimate fatigue. Accumulated irritability, stress and fatigue require implementation. Some people lie in a bed on the weekends, others frenziedly torment a punching bag, and still others tear off the negative on children and https://argoprep.com/blog/restorative-justice-in-schools/. Why on them? Because in human nature there is one unpleasant feature – to suppress those who are weaker, who are lower in status. Children a priori depend on their parents, and they unconsciously use it, giving vent to emotions.