How do you learn effectively?

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How do you learn effectively?

Studying well and not putting too much effort into it is a feasible task. Learn more material in less time will help a few useful tips. They concern motivation, daily routine, organization of training and little tricks when remembering information.

How do you learn effectively
Young students studying in library for exam
  1. Correctly set goals in your studies. Think about why you need the knowledge you receive and how you can use it in your future life. If the answer is found, it will be easier to work in the future! Sometimes a person understands that the acquired knowledge will not be useful in the future. Then the learning process can be seen as training the mind, will, intelligence and other skills that will be useful in life.
  2. To protect yourself from unnecessary information, highlight the main things and minor ones. Rank and minimize information, and it will be easier to memorize it. Pay attention to the title of the text and its beginning, usually there is a summary of everything that will be written next. It is better to master the main questions than to learn everything at once and leave gaps in knowledge.
  3. In any material, try to understand the essence, the central link of information. Then you should pay attention to important details. But to understand the main idea is the main task, without which further learning makes no sense. It is possible to forget formulas, proofs, definitions, but the essence remains in memory for a long time.
  4. Images, images are much better memorized than text. Try to present information visually and build related associations. Block diagrams, drawings, drawings can help you remember the material or refresh it in your memory. Just as effectively use intelligence maps and present information as your own thoughts.
  5. While studying, do not be distracted by computer, TV, phone, conversations, etc. When you’re working – work. 30 minutes of productive study will bring as much benefit as an hour of work with a smartphone in your hands. Use special applications such as StayFocusd, LeechBlock, KeepMeOut to avoid visiting distracting sites.
  6. At the end of each hour, a break of 5-10 minutes is required. This will help maintain productivity and avoid fatigue at the end of the day. Take a light charge, meditate, listen to music. The main thing is to disconnect yourself from the thought of work.
  7. Try group lessons. Learning in company is more fun, and the common goal is definitely closer. The experience and knowledge of others will help in your learning. And if everyone in the group is interested in the outcome, then learning will be a joyful and rewarding experience for you too.
  8. Plan the day from tonight. To learn you need a good night’s sleep, proper nutrition, active rest and many other factors that affect our performance. It is better to spend time on mental work in the morning, because with a fresh head, learning goes easier and faster. Do not forget to set priorities. Something must be done today, and something can still wait.
How do you learn effectively

Think about how to make your studies more effective. Do you get distracted a lot or do you set goals wrong? Remember, the brain is a muscle that needs to be trained every day, and then gaining knowledge will be fun and enjoyable. Learn with pleasure, learn with passion!