Gemini Traits: Explained

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Gemini Traits: Explained

Zodiac Mark Characterization for Gemini

Gemini is an adventurous, bright, intellectual sign, whose representatives are complex dual nature. They are not only inclined to mood swings, but also to situations of mental confusion, search for themselves, involvement in adventures and dubious ideas.

The Gemini is a fluid and mobile Air, and their planet is a bouncy Mercury, which gives this sign of sociability, agility and liveliness of mind. As a rule, they are rarely absolutely happy and satisfied with their lives, their ambitions and endless ideas move them forward – only in movement and search of new horizons Gemini feel good.

Gemini are the most mobile and communicative people, friendly on the outside, dependent on society and new information. They are strong and determined people, and intellect and cunning allow them to control, avoiding the use of physical force. The ability to always be in the center of important events and the ability to handle the data correctly allow them to juggle facts, and therefore most often representatives of this sign become lawyers, journalists, public figures and public persons. Among the Gemini, both geniuses and fraudsters are often found. Despite the seemingly invulnerable, Gemini is painfully borderline – behind the armor of ostentatious indifference hides a sensitive nature. Unbalance and lack of stability can sometimes ruin even the most talented nature. Twins, as a rule, do not differ in good health, prone to depression and allergies. In love, they never rely only on the physical appeal of the partner – for Gemini is important intrigue, psychological battles, complex and interesting relationships.

Man-Blize – innovator, revolutionary, wrestler with greyness and predictability. He likes unconventional moves, unexpected decisions, fantastic surprises and vivid emotions. The Gemini’s pulse of life is always at its limit, while the external appeal of the image sometimes hides a complex and contradictory nature, not tolerant of restrictions, unfreedom and the slightest routine. Even the most physically attractive woman will make the Gemini squeamishly retreat if it is suspected of conservatism, the desire for ordinariness and lack of depth. Go to the site and find out more information

The ability to surprise, to be different and well-rounded – these are the keys to the heart of a typical male Gemini.

More than anything else in the world man-blizntsy like ambiguous situations, intellectual disputes, uneven and complex relationships – to interest him, the best way to show character and willingness to participate in games. A woman who is not capable of intriguing flirting, down-to-earth and conflict-free is not of interest to him. Among the Gemini men, there are many typical Don Juan, who are interested in communicating with different women, get to know them, collect, each time adding something new to their moneybox of sensations. By rejecting templates, they oppose restrictions. To conquer such a man, you must abandon the beaten phrases, show your intelligence and non-standard thinking. Men-Blazers value in women above all brains and sense of humor.

Female Twins love mystery, mystery, and therefore around them always flurry fog and understatement. In this case, they are not locked in themselves, but are socially active and bright, while leaving a mark for the most unexpected interpretation of the image.

Games are Gemini’s favorite pastime. They love experiments and risk madly fall in love with someone who can seriously surprise and win – but not snore and primitive advances, and elegant and unusual moves. Strong, lively and sociable, female Twins, despite the sharp mind and ambition, can often be painfully sentimental. Moreover, she is emotional in making even the most important decisions. The emphasized desire for freedom and independence sometimes prevents her from building a harmonious relationship – for the Twins only acceptable option would be partnership and spiritual and mental affinity. These women are no longer interested in subjugating a man, and are hardly prepared to give the man the reins of government themselves. Their main weakness is their passion for change, and therefore only freedom-loving nature can get along with a female Twin.


The Gemini with Aries and Aquariums will have emotional and harmonious alliances – the former will give him passion, will not get bored and will charge with energy, the latter shares the desire for freedom, lightness and adventure. Surrender to the charm of the Gemini more calm and sophisticated Scale – their intelligence, as well as an unusual refined nature and the ability to adjust will build a long-term relationship. Beautiful relationship will be with the representatives of their sign.

An interesting but uneven alliance awaits Gemini and Lions, but there is a risk of getting tired of excessive pathos and the more primitive Lion’s invigorating immodesty.

Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus are too passive and predictable for fickle Gemini – these alliances are doomed to failure. Cold-blooded and weak Crawfish drive the Gemini to rabies – there is no common ground in this alliance.

Alexander Pushkin, Che Guevara, Joseph Brodsky, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, John Kennedy, Paul McCartney, Hugh Laurie.

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Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Portman, Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Liz Hurley.

What a woman Twin Twins loves isn’t because she’s tired of work waiting for the weekend. It’s just that she loves a change of scenery, outdoor activities and total freedom. She also likes to talk to new people. You can get the location of the Twin woman if you give her what she loves more often:

  • Attendance of entertainment;
  • travel;
  • following her shaky plans.

What does not like woman-blazers of a sign stress monotony and the established frameworks, irritates monotony and boredom, uniform everyday life. To avoid scandals, bad moods need to know what a female Twins hate:

  • an early rise;
  • strict schedule;
  • routine work that requires concentration;
  • pessimism, the silence of others; the need to report on their actions; scandals, clarification of relationships;
  • homework;
  • accusations of infantilism;
  • lack of admiration for its uncommonness on the part of others; stupidity of others; secrecy.