Lettering. How do you learn to draw with words?

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Lettering. How do you learn to draw with words?

People always pay attention to beautiful decoration. In connection with this, lettering – drawing in letters – has become increasingly popular recently. What is it in its essence and why has it become fashionable to do it?


Nowadays summering exists as an independent unit. It does not refer to calligraphy in any way, as calligraphy means only beautiful writing of letters. Lettering has a broader and more creative approach to text. Letters in Leutering do not have to be written, they can be cut out or composed of any objects. Greater popularity and impetus to the spread of letering as an area of self-expression has been gained through social networks. Notebook lovers and all those who keep creative diaries did not ignore this trend. To date, there are even special courses that teach flying. Although this trend is characterized by the freedom of choice of means and manner of creating an inscription. It is important that the result you get a certain graphic composition, which will not be devoid of originality.

 How do you learn to draw with words

So how does the process of creating an inscription using leatherization work?

To begin with, you need to understand what the style of inscription will be. If there are no specific ideas for this, you can always be inspired by the works available on the Internet. This does not mean that you need to thoroughly copy the phrase you like in the manner of writing. Just browse through the options to see what you can expect from your own composition.

Then you need to decide how the letters will be arranged. You should not start drawing immediately, otherwise you may encounter a situation where the letters will be larger or smaller than originally intended. After that you can start preliminary drawing. This is a kind of sketch only, which will be able to make changes and adjustments in the future. Marker, pencil and pencil paints can be used directly for the drawing process, depending on the expected effect and complexity of the composition.

Lettering. How do you learn to draw with words

Who’s gonna love summering?

Anti-stress coloring has recently come into fashion. Wouldn’t it seem like adults with a passion for painting pictures? Still, a lot of people have found a lively response to that. Someone decided, in its own words, “to remember childhood”, taking in the hands of colored pencils, and someone immediately admitted that this kind of activity is beneficial to the overloaded nervous system, relieving stress and allowing a little relaxation for a pleasant pastime. Lettering may well join the anti-stress coloring, meeting people’s needs for creativity.

It is worth remembering that in order to create a beautiful and original inscription it is not necessary to have certain knowledge in calligraphy and skills in font creation. Lettering allows everyone to show their creative potential and create an unlimited number of variants of lettering, each of which will be unique.