How to perform mountain pose (Tadasana) in yoga?

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How to perform mountain pose (Tadasana) in yoga?

What are the benefits of practicing Tadasana?

Firstly, the spinal column straightens, this is a good prevention of scoliosis and problems with the spine
Secondly, it is a beautiful posture that people pay attention to.
Thirdly, it is the spiritual component of yoga During tadasana, you can visualize the extension of the spine and the enrichment of its healing energy.
So what is the right way to do mountain pose?

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel. Hands hang freely at the seams. Breathing is calm and deep. By pressing on the heels, stretch the skin and plantar fascia of the foot. Spread your fingers as if opening a paper fan. Distribute body weight evenly between the four corners of both feet. Slightly lean forward to the knuckles of the big toes and little toes, then back to the back of the heel. Rock back and forth until you find the center between the front and back positions. Next, bend your knees 30 degrees and straighten, while straightening, press your heels on the floor. Tighten the inseam of the leg and pull it up from the ankle to the base of the thighs. Raise your knees, engaging the front of your thighs. Press your leg muscles into the bone while imagining that you are standing on your bone marrow.

Place a bar between your upper thighs while pulling the sides of your lower back up from the edge of your hipbone. Try not to overexert or squeeze your buttocks. Draw the muscles just below the navel back to the spine and up to the head, just as smoke is drawn up a stovepipe. With the back of your head aim for the ceiling, the underside of your chin is parallel to the floor. Balance with your skull to feel the balance between your ears. Feel the polarity between the open top of the head and the open and wide surface of the soles. Try to keep your posture from being enslaved: stand in such a way that the head remains fluid, dynamic and constantly changing. Stand 1-3 minutes.

Remove the block and come out of the pose. Next, do Tadasana again, this time leaning against the wall. Heels, sacrum, shoulder blades and back of the head are in contact with the wall. The wall will give you the opportunity to feel how the pelvis, trunk and skull line up above the feet. Hold the pose for 1 more minute.

Practice this asana every day and notice how your life begins to change little by little!